1. Random musings at 4am

    Sometimes I’m scared. Scared of who I’ve become and whether or not I’m making good decisions. I’m also scared of the feelings and thoughts I have now. I want more but I’m still too early in the game. Sigh life sucks and growing up is hard. You lose so many people some you never thought you’d lose and some you knew you would. I miss having a best girl friend now my best friend is my man but sometimes he just doesn’t get what I’m blabbering about or why I spontaneously start crying lol


  2. Apartment searching

    I seriously didn’t think trying to find an apartment would be so difficult! Every day that goes by and I don’t find an apartment is another day I get more and more frustrated with my overbearing up in my ass family. I’m sick and tired of all there BS. Is it so hard to find a freaken apartment that is $900 1 bedroom with nice looking carpet and/or wood floors that isn’t in the ghetto?! That’s all I ask for.


  3. Ok time to end the excuses. I need to get back on a diet and actually go to the gym. This is getting ridiculous. Plus I gotta look better then her muahahahaha

  4. Seriously had the best weekend in Vegas ever!! It was definitely a new step in our relationship.


  6. "Person who chases two rabbits catches neither. - Confucius"
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  9. sbosma:

    A collaboration with the great Dilraj Mann for his zine, STRØKE. He drew the girl (he draws the best girls), I drew the dude and dropped in the colors. A two color screenprint of this (on colored paper) will be available at SPX in just a couple weeks! Ahh!

  10. AHAHA

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  11. I hope his love finds me one day.

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  12. cutest dogs on the planet!

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  15. Gahhhhh asldkfjladkfjldkfjs I can’t post this pic on any other social media sites so this will be our little secret okay tumblr :D